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      Mode of deliveries

      ?CONDUCTIVITI Business Advisory Sdn Bhd (1042519-T)

      B-5-8 Plaza Mont Kiara

      Jalan Mont Kiara

      50480 Kuala Lumpur


      Telephone: +603 2726 2788?

      Track record

      Helping with your key objectives

      As we work together, we keep focused on some of the following accomplishments you intend for your organisation:

      • Revenue enhancements
      • Cost optimisations
      • Process efficiencies 
      • Performance effectiveness
      • Organisational rationalisations 
      • Business turnarounds
      • Strategic formulations
      • Tactical realignments
      • Internal controls 
      • Financial assurances

      About us

      Contact us

      The success of our engagements fuels our commitment to continue delivering results for our clients. We are proud to be associated with esteemed organisations from the following industries:

      • ?Hotels and resorts
      • Hospitals and healthcare
      • ?Financial services
      • Education
      • ?Manufacturing
      • ?Retail and FMCGs
      • Technology and telecommunications
      • Construction and property development
      • ?Non-profit organisations

      All rights reserved 2013 - 2020. CONDUCTIVITI Business Advisory Sdn Bhd (1042519-T)

      Our deliverables

      Conducting  high  productivity

      ?Our core services

      Enhancing your business is our core business management consulting firm


      For further queries or to request a proposal, please drop us a message or send an e-mail to info@conductiviti.com. Please leave your contact number if you prefer a callback.  


      A professional management consulting firms headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with global reach, founded and dedicated to offering institutional and corporate diagnostics, solutions, and implementations. Successfully consulted and positively impacted a wide range of organisations such as growing private companies, maturing public-listed companies, expanding multinationals, and esteemed social and non-profit institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. internal audit

      • Strategic planning & operational analyses
      • ?Performance improvements
      • Internal audit advisories & outsourcings
      • Compliance & assurance services
      • Risk management facilitations
      • Project management (PMO services) 
      • Financial management (CFO services)

      ?We are primarily engaged via the following arrangements:

      • ?Outsourcings & co-sourcings
      • Board / Management representations
      • Private consultations & facilitations
      • Training programmes
      • Special scope projects?

      Sample deliverables you may expect, depending on services required:

      • Corporate diagnostic reports  
      • Financial dashboards and templates
      • Trend reporting and analytical reviews
      • Policies, standard operating procedures, work instructions, and flowcharts
      • Business plans (strategic/industry/corporate analytics)
      • ?Due diligence reports
      • Recommendations and action plans

      We help you overcome problems and complexities.

      As the environment becomes more challenging, you can count on us to partner you in your journey. 

      You can rely on us in speeding things up, in tweaking and tuning loose ends, and help your organisation transform, so that you get more done in parallel. We employ methodologically -sound, results-oriented and deadline-defined ways to achieve your objectives.

      We simplify the complex to keep you on the big picture by providing diagnostics, solutions, & implementations.??

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